Ornithology at University of Alaska Anchorage

The University of Alaska Anchorage Avian Collection (UAAAC)

The avian collection in the Department of Biological Sciences at UAA was established in 2004 and is currently under the supervision of Dr. Sergei V. Drovetski.  The purpose of the collection is education, research, and preservation of the record of avian biodiversity and environmental conditions through time.  The primary focus of the collection is Holarctic avifauna.  The collection currently represents over 3000 individual birds from 17 orders, 46 families and 289 species from Palearctic and the state of Alaska.

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Preparation of specimens for avian collections

The scientific value of a specimen is in the data associated with the specimen. Therefore, obtaining and recording detailed data associated with each specimen is the most important task during specimen preparation. These data are recorded in a preparator's catalog. Here is a pdf file containing instructions for data recording into the catalog.

There are many different techniques of bird specimen preparation. The use of good techniques reduces preparation time and results in standard, long-lasting, and appealing specimens. Here is a pdf file (18 Mb) containing illustrated manual for preparation of avian specimens. It is based on techniques used at the University of Washington Burke Museum and is written with the help from Sievert Rohwer, Chris Wood, and Carol Spaw.

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Birds of Alaska: list, photos and specimen locality maps

The list and species' status are based on the following source:

D. D. Gibson, S. C. Heinl, and T. G. Tobish, Jr
(Version 1 JAN 2007).

University of Alaska Anchorage Avian Collection does not have data to support inclusion of some of these species into the List of Birds of Alaska

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